Success is a Planned Event

No Pain Principle

I just got back from speaking at Ranfone Training Systems in Connecticut this past weekend. All that I can say is that is was as close to a perfect experience that I’ve had in doing such things.
As yesterday was a travel day, I read extensively to pass the time (reading for me is not really passing the time actually as I had intent on my topics of choice) on mostly brain-related material (fun!) inspired by my friend Pat Davidson’s brain presentation (it certainly pointed to some holes in my game).
I also took some time to reflect on where to go next.
It’s always difficult to narrow things down as I want to learn and do EVERYTHING. I think one of those things about being in the mature class (getting older) is the realization that I cannot learn everything and do everything. BUT that does not mean that I can’t learn and do a lot more.
Organization has never been my strong point so I’m always on the lookout for tools to help me stay on track. I’ve tried the software-based systems, but, perhaps because of my age and era, paper and pen works best for me.
I’m going to work from a paper planner starting with the Self Journal pictured above. I’ve also ordered 2 other planners to which I’ll make comparisons until I find one that I like the best (OR perhaps it’s time to design my own!).
Point being, without some form of systematic approach, it’s very difficult to assure that the behaviors necessary to achieve anything are executed to the degree necessary for change.
It is repeated the same behaviors over and over that result in the creation of an outcome. That can be good or bad. If it’s success that you aim for, lock in the behaviors that support the desired outcome. Repeat them. Document them. Review them. Keep them in mind.
Soon, it will be easier than you imagined, and you’ll see success on your horizon.
Your comeback starts today.

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