Morning Ritual

My Current Morning Ritual:

My Ritual is set up to start my day with success, to support my brain health, and timed to maximize the impact of my supplementation that supports memory and focused attention.

1. Wake at 5 am
2. Weigh-in and waist measurement as monitoring for body composition changes
3. Hydrate with water or branch-chain amino acid drink and take Cerevan
4. Meditation with Headspace app
5. Journal entry to lay out my perfect day and express gratitudes (Using The Five Minute Journal)
6. Read 15-30 minutes
7. Drink Neuro Coffee to reinforce memory and learning what I just read
8. Morning mobilities for 10 minutes
9. Write something (usually about 1,000 words)
10. Hit the gym for a great training session then take on the day!

Here’s the two supplements I recommend to support brain health and function.

Unlock Your Brain’s Power AND Improve Multi-Tasking, & Brain Health

Cerevan has a research and development track record and background that is unmatched in the brain supplement industry. With 3 published research studies (and 2 more recently completed), more than $4 Million in research and development, and almost a decade in development the proprietary and patented ingredients found in Cerevan set the new standard for scientific rigor.



Formulated by Nationally Renown Nutrition PhD
Dr. Mike Roussell is anationally renown nutrition consultant, author, and speaker holding degrees in biochemistry and nutrition. Dr. Mike oversees the optimization of the health, nutrition, and performance of a range of clientele from professional athletes, to celebrities, to technology executives.

He serves on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health and SHAPE magazines as well as He also writes the monthly “Ask The Nutrition Know-It-All” column for Men’s Health Magazine. Dr. Mike has authored three books, The 6 Pillars of Nutrition (2011), and Dr. Mike’s Ultimate Book of Smoothies (2015), and The MetaShred Diet (2017). Dr. Mike has also been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness.

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