All Gain, No Pain

The Over-40 Man's Comeback Guide

How do you make your comeback to gym from pain and injury when you’re over 40?

Get ALL GAIN, NO PAIN for just $4.99!

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  • Miles McGriff

    Hey there Bill. No idea if you or someone will actually see this but thought it was worth a shot. Clicked on your link for the book that says $1.99 and it comes up as for a Kindle for $4.99. This is a heck of a deal either way but can I order it and use it on an iPhone without a kindle? Silly question perhaps but I really could t find the answer on Amazon. Or is there a different version that is $1.99 that’s not a Kindle version perhaps? Any help would be great thanks!

  • Colin

    Hey Bill…your ebook seems to be off line? I tried to purchase, but Amazon tells me it’s unavailable??? What’s going on? Cheers…C

    • Steve Altfillisch

      I just got it on Amazon. Try now.

      • Colin

        Hi Steve..thanks for the comment. I actually tried another web browser I have installed, and was able to get it…go figure? Just hadn’t yet posted my experience.

  • Przemek Stachura

    Hi Bill
    Is your book available in paperback format? If do where can I order it from?

  • jeff

    Hi Bill, second Przemek,
    Any chance book is available in printed form? Having difficulties viewing your images in the kindle paperwhite. Zooming in doesn’t help much. Mahalo,