ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Personal Project Management

The Battle of the Personal Planners

I’m not a fan of digital mediums for my organization, and I’m dissecting each of these planners based on wants, needs, and ease of use. I’ll lay it out on the blog and pick a winner for the first quarter of 2018. The Finalists: Action Day Planner Passion Planner Self Journal Full Focus Planner How […]

““The quality of your years is determined by the compounding interest of countless, mundane daily decisions.” – Modified from @EricOetter”

Breathing Exercises to Move Better and Reduce Pain

No Pain Principle #2: Better Breathing = Better Movement

“If breathing is not normalized –  no other movement pattern can be.” – Karel Lewit Throughout ALL GAIN, NO PAIN you’ll see the emphasis on breathing.  Breathing is cued in the Reset Exercises, Readiness Exercises, and even many of the strength training exercises contain cues of when to breathe. Without the emphasis on breathing, it […]

How to Eat Whatever You Want Over the Holidays and Not Feel Guilty

The No Pain Holiday Diet Plan

‘Tis the season the season of temptations. Food and drink are abound and the little elf sitting on your shoulder whispers in your ear, “Go ahead… indulge.” Before you know it, your “I’ll just have one cookie” turns into six (or more… I love cookies). Maybe you start the evening with your mental calorie count […]

“You don’t need a strategy to avoid gaining weight during a holiday. You need a lifestyle for all the other days of the year that allows you to enjoy yourself on holidays”

Sleep Experiment: How to get more REM Sleep… AND when things don’t go as planned

No Pain Principle #6: Self-Manage Your Stress, Health, and Movement

I’m in the midst of a small sleep experiment on myself. My tracking is indicating insufficient REM sleep of late. One of the major limiting factors of REM sleep is a lack of total sleep or basically how long you’re actually sleeping at night. The duration of REM sleep in each sleep cycle increases throughout […]

Overcome the Fear Associated with Transforming your Body

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Fitness over 40

A moment of panic. We were getting cleaned up to go to a wedding of a friend this past weekend. Aside from the typical prep, this occasion would require me to put on a suit and tie which is not my typical dress. I’m either dressed like a misplaced golfer for my work at IFAST, […]

How to Move Better, Feel Better, and Avoid Pain with Mini-Mobilities from ALL GAIN, NO PAIN

All Gain Principle #3: Manage Intensity to Manage Stress

What are Mini-Mobilities? In ALL GAIN, NO PAIN, I explain that Mini-Mobilities are brief, simple activities that emphasize parts of the body that can get a little achy, sore, or tight from increased intensity. By frequently moving these areas, you can reduce pain and muscle tension to accelerate gains in movement and comfort. Regaining and […]