Planning Success: My Morning Ritual Updates and Recommendations

As I write this it is a quiet Sunday morning. I’m nearing the end of my personal morning ritual with a solid day planned to get some things done. I’m certain that I’ll have a successful day because I know what I need to do to be successful today. I planned my Sunday yesterday. There […]

Note Cards: Naïve Experts and The Power in Asking Stupid Questions

I had the benefit of spending the entire week with my good friend Bryan Chung recently as he came to Indianapolis for a week-long IFAST “internship” and to take some continuing education that would typically be considered outside his field of expertise. The result of his visit has been a very powerful educational experience for […]

Self-Regulation Failure: Impact on Health

Through the use of daily rituals, increased planning, and execution of daily behaviors, I’ve made some pretty interesting changes in my ability to self-regulate.  My health markers have improved, my body fat has been in the single digits for about a year, and my personal productivity is at an all-time high. I thought it would […]

Padawan Lesson: Systemic Interaction

A healthy human system is not all that fragile. Resilience and robustness are byproducts of complexity. It is only when a system cannot cope with environmental and task demands that the system simplifies itself and appears to be fragile. A narrowed example to explain a broader perspective… According to Zatsiorsky,  we have 230 joints controlled […]

From my notebook: Building Your Model with Chessboards and Coffee Cups

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” -Stephen McCranie I’ve written a bit about models before. I think that having an evolving model of complex systems (humans) is imperative. We certainly have one whether we consciously intend to or not, but intention provides a much stronger, resilient, and adaptive model. […]

From my Notebook: How Long Will It Take to Recover From [Insert Injury Here]?

This is a really quick one inspired by an IFAST client that recently suffered a sprained ankle.  She’s got a pretty solid grade 2 sprain based current signs and symptoms.  She came in early this week with a pretty solid intolerance to weight bearing.  Ty was able to modify her training to keep it productive and […]

From My Notebook: Comfort and Progress in the Realm of Uncertainty

Padawan:  “How do you know what to do?” Bill:  “I don’t yet.” Padawan:  “Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?” Bill:  “Not anymore.” The Human System is complicated (structural constraints e.g., biomechanics), complex (functional constraints e.g., autonomic response), and at times chaotic (think crisis mode).  This often results in a great deal of uncertainty in regard to […]