What book would you gift to someone trying to improve their life?

Changing your lifestyle is more about how our brain works, how we learn, and our behaviors than it is about the workout, the diet, or any of the specifics. That’s not to say that the specifics don’t have importance as they are the executables that ultimately represent the change. One of the keys to making […]

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Knee Pain Solution for Lunges and Split Squats

Rear Knee Emphasis

If you experience knee pain during lunges or split squats, it’s often not tight quads or hip flexors. Many times it that the quads are working overtime to stabilize the pelvis because your hip musculature is incapable of doing so. Foam rolling and stretching will typically fail or provide only a partial or temporary solution. […]

How Answering One Simple Question Can Keep You on Track for Success

This morning’s meditation was a good one. Not only did I feel confident in my efforts and level of concentration, but I was left with the powerful phrase “is this useful?” For meditation purposes, “is this useful” was intended to be used as means to determine the importance those thoughts that seem to invade our […]

Client Wisdom: On Consistency

No Pain Principle #1: Know Thyself

Dave S. is one of my favorite humans. He’s a client at our gym IFAST in Indianapolis, but he began his story as a patient in my purple physical therapy room. He was dealing with back pain that began during workouts at another gym. Like many, he wasn’t broken, but pain severely curtailed his ability […]

No Pain Principle #4: Rebuild Capacity

Reduce stress, increase energy, and resolve pain

The act of performing aerobic exercise directly influences our stress response. As a side effect of our increasing heart rate during exercise, our heart secretes a hormone called atrial natrieuretic peptide. When this hormone reaches the brain, it directly reduces the impact of the stress response. Additionally, aerobic exercise promotes reduced tension in your muscles, […]

NEW Ground Neuro Coffee!!

Better Coffee, Better Brain

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Neuro Coffee as part of morning ritual because of it’s health effects on the brain. Make new neurons and save the one’s you already have just by drinking your regular morning brew. Too easy! It’s time for an upgrade. I knew this was coming but had to […]