My Night Time Ritual… the update

now with Decaf Neuro Coffee

Just a quickie of an update.

The night time ritual may be one of the harder aspects of your lifestyle with which to be consistent. You get distracted. You’re engaged in some activity. Maybe you’re just spacing out on Netflix and lose track of time.

A couple of things to remember.

Set an alarm to remind you to start your night time ritual. We have no issues setting one to get our day started, but for some reason, rarely consider the importance of our preparation for rest and sleep.

Organize your night time ritual. Here’s mine:

My alarm goes off at 9pm and I stop what I’m doing (this is difficult sometimes but I do it).
I make sure my OURA Ring is charged to track my sleep.
I make my night time journal entry on my thoughts of the day being sure to ask myself the all important question, “How did I get better today?”
I make my night time hot tea (decaf of course).
I update my Full Focus Planner (save 15% with this link)
I do my “get ready for bed stuff.”
Out like a light.

I’m making a change to my ritual by the way. I’ll be replacing the hot tea with a night time dose of Decaffeinated Neuro Coffee.

Dr. Mike and company have created a 98-99.9% caffeine-free version of Neuro Coffee for those that either can’t tolerate or simply don’t want the extra caffeine in the regular Neuro Coffee.

Another dose of BDNF from my Neuro Coffee and that means I’m able to further support my brain health and stress management.

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