Have You Had Your Neuro Coffee Today?

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Neuro Coffee for its brain health effects and the fact that it’s the first coffee I’ve ever liked to drink.

It seems Neuro Coffee is finally getting its just desserts (or breakfasts?) as there’s a great article in Robert Irvine Magazine.

If you’d like to read the story of how Dr. Mike Roussell created the smartest coffee in the world, you can see it in the latest issue HERE

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  • Matt Michael

    Just found your site- great to see you making a big time impact! I raise my BDNF naturally daily with exercise and have been fascinated with exercise’s impact on BDNF, VEGF, IGF-1, balancing glutamate, seratonin, norepinephrine, etc. With a father who had early onset dementia of the Alzheimer’s type, I am trying to make sure my neuron’s and glial cells stay as strong and healthy as possible! I will try this coffee too! Thanks for sharing! Take care buddy!