If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.  One of the most powerful instruments of your progress are the books that you read.  These are currently on my bookshelves.

Basic Understanding of the Brain

Everything happens in the brain from thought and feelings to movement and pain. Having an understanding of brain function is essential to improving human performance. Read these books first.  They are easy books to read and provide a foundation of understanding of the neocortex, exercise and the brain, neuroplasticity, and body maps.


Understanding Stress, Homeostasis, and Allostasis

Great reads for understanding the integration of all physiologic systems, their adaptation, and their influence on the brain.  Sapolsky and McEwen are the best in their fields and have written books that are easy to understand and have become classics.


Understanding Threat and Perception

The nervous system is constantly monitoring threat.  Perception of that threat can alter any system in the body affecting how you perform on the field, react to stress, process peripheral sensory inputs, or experience pain.


Great Neuroscience Texts

These texts are quite broad and cover a great deal of the neuroanatomy and neurobiology that is foundational for a true understanding of the central and peripheral nervous systems.


Special Strength Training Resources

Sports Training is a science.  The following are true must-haves no matter what type of athletes you work with.  You’ll find yourself referring to them over and over.


The Science of Motivation and Willpower

Willpower, motivation, and success are all about neuroscience.  You and your clients will benefit from the understanding of where the challenges to goal achievement and defeating procrastination truly lie.