ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Key Performance Indicators: Work the Process

All Gain Principle #6: Measure and Manage Progress

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN has been out a little over a month now, so it’s time to take a look as your measures of progress, or as described in the book, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s for short, Chapter 20).

What KPI’s are you currently tracking to measure changes and progress?
Food intake?
Assessment tests?
Exercise weights?
My update example:
I’m currently 18 days out from vacation, so I tightened up the eating a bit from my usual MetaShred Style plan from Dr. Mike Roussell. My KPI’s (my scale weight and waist measurement) are both trending downward as expected. If I think skinny enough, I can get the tape measure under 30 (keep in mind that before the transformation I was wearing 36″ waist pants).
My Seated Hip Shift is one of my ongoing self-tests and remains challenging, but it is improving with mini-mobilities throughout the day.
I still need to remind myself every day that this is a process.
It is the consistency of behaviors that ultimately produce results. I still have good days and not so good days where I miss my mark, but I work to keep the overall trend in the right direction.
You can’t change everything at once. We just don’t have the brain power to do so. Small changes made consistently over time wins the race.
Pick one KPI. Measure it. Monitor it. Make adjustments. Repeat. It’s a process.

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