How to Eat Whatever You Want Over the Holidays and Not Feel Guilty

The No Pain Holiday Diet Plan

‘Tis the season the season of temptations.

Food and drink are abound and the little elf sitting on your shoulder whispers in your ear, “Go ahead… indulge.”

Before you know it, your “I’ll just have one cookie” turns into six (or more… I love cookies).

Maybe you start the evening with your mental calorie count going off in your head, but socializing, laughing, and genuinely enjoying yourself results in a loss of place or confusion as to what you’ve actually consumed.

Your next thought is “Well, I’ve really screwed up my eating plan, might as well just forget about it and eat whatever I want.”

I can dig that. Been there. Done it. Lived through it.

If you read fitness and diet articles on the internet, you’re about to be inundated with countless strategies to keep you on plan or to keep you from gaining weight.

Ever get the “eat before you go to the party” strategy? The premise is that if you eat before you go, you won’t have the desire to eat all the fun foods. Clearly, they’ve never been to my Mom’s house for the holidays. There’s always room for more cookies (Strategy:  wear stretchy pants!).

Screw it. I say enjoy yourself.

Here’s the problem with all of those articles intended to help you stay on track. They steal your joy.

Oh, and they often don’t work.

If you’re the type that enjoys the sense of self-discipline of sticking to your guns through the holidays and avoiding the indulgence, I’m also very cool with that, but please don’t wear it like a badge of honor. Focus on the internal satisfaction and reward rather than seeking validation from others to stroke your ego.

The reality is that the short-term gluttony of the holidays is really no big deal in long-term scheme of things. A blip of time if you’re pursuing a lifestyle that supports longevity and health.

Truth is that you don’t need a strategy to avoid gaining weight during a holiday. You need a lifestyle for all the other days of the year that allows you to enjoy yourself on holidays.

Playing the long game is the answer.

This Does Not Give You Permission…

Just because I’m supporting a relaxed attitude about holiday eating behaviors, that doesn’t mean you take a dive off the wagon of focus on your goals.  Enjoy the holiday party. Enjoy your family and friends (and Mom’s cookies).

Then get back on it. Reset and go. Get back on plan.

Here’s what I read this morning from my good friend, Marcus Aurelius.

“When forced, as it seems, by circumstances into utter confusion, get a hold of yourself quickly. Don’t be locked out of the rhythm any longer than necessary. You’ll be able to keep the beat if you are constantly returning to it.” Meditations, 6:11

No need to feel guilty for enjoying the one life you have.

But don’t forget the self-satisfaction and reward of the positive changes you’re making as you work your way through the ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Principles.

Marcus was correct. Keep the beat.

Your comeback starts today.

Get started on your pain-free comeback to the gym today

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