Planning Success: My Morning Ritual Updates and Recommendations

As I write this it is a quiet Sunday morning. I’m nearing the end of my personal morning ritual with a solid day planned to get some things done. I’m certain that I’ll have a successful day because I know what I need to do to be successful today. I planned my Sunday yesterday. There […]

Thoughts on Long-Term Athletic Development and Training Young Athletes

This was actually a Facebook post that did pretty well in the “likes” department so I thought I’d build on it a bit for a blog. Thoughts on long-term athletic development… 1. In a sporting environment, athletes perform based on learned prediction models associated with experience. 2. Research supports the understanding that motor [movement] variability […]

Freak of Fitness, Bernard Hopkins via

I had the privilege of spending an afternoon speaking with Light-heavyweight champ Bernard Hopkins and watching him train. was there to video the day and recorded some great training and interview footage.  Dr. Nick Ratamess and I were on hand to provide commentary on how a 48-year-old Hopkins does what he does.  It was […]