Padawan Lesson: Systemic Interaction

A healthy human system is not all that fragile. Resilience and robustness are byproducts of complexity. It is only when a system cannot cope with environmental and task demands that the system simplifies itself and appears to be fragile. A narrowed example to explain a broader perspective… According to Zatsiorsky,  we have 230 joints controlled […]

From my notebook: Building Your Model with Chessboards and Coffee Cups

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” -Stephen McCranie I’ve written a bit about models before. I think that having an evolving model of complex systems (humans) is imperative. We certainly have one whether we consciously intend to or not, but intention provides a much stronger, resilient, and adaptive model. […]

From my Notebook: How Long Will It Take to Recover From [Insert Injury Here]?

This is a really quick one inspired by an IFAST client that recently suffered a sprained ankle.  She’s got a pretty solid grade 2 sprain based current signs and symptoms.  She came in early this week with a pretty solid intolerance to weight bearing.  Ty was able to modify her training to keep it productive and […]

From My Notebook: Comfort and Progress in the Realm of Uncertainty

Padawan:  “How do you know what to do?” Bill:  “I don’t yet.” Padawan:  “Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?” Bill:  “Not anymore.” The Human System is complicated (structural constraints e.g., biomechanics), complex (functional constraints e.g., autonomic response), and at times chaotic (think crisis mode).  This often results in a great deal of uncertainty in regard to […]

Note Cards: Hierarchies and Why Breathing Wins

Humans are not machines.  We are complex adaptable systems.  When challenged or perturbed (think physical training), we have the ability to recover, restore, and repair ourselves.  This capacity to rebuild our own structure and even increase our complexity (increase adaptability) or specificity (idealize physiology for a specific environment) via hyperplasia of organelles (increase mitochondria), hypertrophy […]

Note Cards: The Wisdom of Annie Savoy, Nonlinear Thinkin’ and Models

From the Movie Bull Durham… Crash Davis: You think I could make it to the show as a manager? Annie: You’d be great, just great. ‘Cause you understand non-linear thinking even though it seems like baseball is a linear game ’cause of the lines and the box scores an’all — but the fact is that […]