Self-Regulation Failure: Impact on Health

Through the use of daily rituals, increased planning, and execution of daily behaviors, I’ve made some pretty interesting changes in my ability to self-regulate.  My health markers have improved, my body fat has been in the single digits for about a year, and my personal productivity is at an all-time high. I thought it would […]

Note Cards: Hierarchies and Why Breathing Wins

Humans are not machines.  We are complex adaptable systems.  When challenged or perturbed (think physical training), we have the ability to recover, restore, and repair ourselves.  This capacity to rebuild our own structure and even increase our complexity (increase adaptability) or specificity (idealize physiology for a specific environment) via hyperplasia of organelles (increase mitochondria), hypertrophy […]

Book Note: Feedback Loops and Slow Cooking

When presented with the goal of making a change in a complex system (human), we have to consider where in the system we can intervene to promote the desired change. There are two types of feedback loops that are important to consider:  Balancing feedback loops and reinforcing feedback loops. Balancing feedback loops are self-correcting.  For […]

Fixing a Stiff Big Toe

This little piggy went to market… Probably the most common area for arthitic changes in the foot is the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP joint). During normal gait the entire body must advance over this single joint, so you can see how a restricted MTP joint can be responsible for countless conditions and injuries. Many foot […]