My Recent Fat Loss Training…again

I’ve been really surprised by all the curiosity as to how I dropped 13.5 pounds of fat in about 4 weeks (see My Training). I mentioned before that I pretty much followed the principles in Mike Roussell’s Your Naked Nutrition Guide with some minor personal modifications to adapt it to my current lifestyle, schedule, etc.  It does […]


My buddy Adam Campbell from Men’s Health Magazine and Jeff Volek, one of if not the top researcher on lower-carb dieting just released their book this week.  You can get more info from Adam’s blog.  I was lucky enough to have see this book formulated and created over the last year or so, and it’s […]

How to get rid of cellulite!

Ladies, you’ve been mislead, lied to, bamboozled, and tricked into buying countless, useless products to rid your thighs of that ugly cellulite.  Today, you’ll learn how to get rid of it for good with no gimmicks, gadgets, or potions. First, let me explain what cellulite really is. It’s body fat…plain and simple.  It’s nothing more […]

They’re STILL Everywhere

I saw them again this morning. I bet you’ve seen them too. There’s the 40-ish woman with the funny, abbreviated, duck-like gait pattern. The guy whose pushing 50 who looks like he’s on the verge of death. The scrawny 20-something newlywed in the oversized t-shirt. And of course, the new Mom pushing Junior in the […]