How to Make Consistent Progress in Your Fitness Program: The Power of Review and Reflection

All Gain Principle #6: Measure and Manage Progress

Making consistent progress in your fitness program is always a challenge. I think the emphasis tends to be placed too heavily on the exercise program itself. As I repeatedly state in ALL GAIN, NO PAIN, intensity is easy. Because it’s easier at first to work a little harder the exercise portion seems to take priority […]

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Key Performance Indicators: Work the Process

All Gain Principle #6: Measure and Manage Progress

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN has been out a little over a month now, so it’s time to take a look as your measures of progress, or as described in the book, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s for short, Chapter 20). What KPI’s are you currently tracking to measure changes and progress?   Food intake? Assessment tests? […]

ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Morning Ritual

No Pain Principles... Real life application

When I asked readers to offer up an example of their favorite or most useful part of ALL GAIN, NO PAIN, I never expected this. Not only is this a great example of a morning ritual that sets the tone for success, it’s amazingly creative. Give it a watch!  It’s a perfect way to start […]

Dr. House + The Batman, Anchors, and Triggers

Regaining control and changing behaviors

On the weekends, The Gorgeous One and I will sit quietly and read for a few hours together with 70’s greatest hits playing the in the background. Every once in a while, a song comes on that triggers a fond memory of my childhood. I never realized how many of those songs I know quite […]

What’s Your Favorite Part of ALL GAIN, NO PAIN

The impact of mindfulness on all aspect of your life

My month-to-date report shows that over 52,000 pages of ALL GAIN, NO PAIN have been read. I’m truly thankful that so many are finding the book helpful. We all have different needs and will find different concepts in the book of benefit. Here’s one example of how mindfulness impacts all other aspects of the program […]

Get Outside for Your Health

Kettlebell swings on the minute.

Saturday workout: Goal:  Build capacity 10 Kettlebell swings on the minute x 10 minutes (outside!) 30 minutes at 8% grade on the treadmill (using the Talk Test to monitor intensity) Get the 7 Secrets to a Pain-free Comeback to the Gym! Just fill out the form below

Learning (AKA Behavior Change) Occurs at the Point of Struggle

No Pain Principles, Meditation, PTSD, and Self-Regulation

I recently had a patient who was also managing recovery from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). As part of his recovery program, he was prescribed exercise and meditation. I had to smile as this may be the most brilliant of prescriptions on many levels and for many reasons, not mention that it reinforces the No Pain […]