Gain the Muscle You Want. Lose the Fat You Don't Want. Feel Great Doing It.

What Industry Leaders are Saying about "All Gain, No Pain"

"Bill Hartman is not interested in watering down the human system into soundbites or performance “hacks”. He actually does what he says with real people, many of whom travel from all over the world to work with him. All Gain, No Pain is not a fitness book, a general health book, or a stress reduction book. It is the product of decades of academic study and practical application that addresses all relevant aspects of performance. Knowledge is only powerful if it is usable. In All Gain, No Pain, Bill excels at empowering the reader without trivializing the subject matter.”  

-Doug Kechijian, PT, DPT

"Of all the factors that limit fitness goals, none have the potential to derail progress more than injury, particularly as we get older. All Gain, No Pain distills complicated concepts into a practical and useful program that gets you fit while maintaining resilience and capacity to keep you going for years to come.”  

-Bryan Chung, PhD, MD, FRCS(C). 

"Everyone over the age of 40 should read this book. All Gain, No Pain is an enlightening look at what it truly means to be healthy and fit, with a cutting-edge, proven plan to help you build your best body. In an era of self-destructive workouts done to achieve “gains” at all costs, Bill Hartman bucks the trend with a sustainable whole-life program that’ll help you look, feel, and move better than ever." 

-Adam Campbell, VP/Chief Content Officer of Rodale, Inc., publisher of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, and Runner’s World.

Here is Your Proven Step by Step Plan to Rebuild Your Body After Pain, Injury, or Physical Therapy

Hi. My name is Bill Hartman. Over the last 30 years, I've owned or managed private gyms and physical therapy clinics logging endless hours working with patients and clients. I've spent my entire professional life working to find ways for my patients and clients to not just rehab injuries, but thrive in their lives post injury and rehab; helping them find solutions to question like these...

"What should I do in the gym, now that my injury has healed?"

"What can I do to keep my pain from coming back and still get in shape even though I'm over the hill?"

"What can I do to keep my pain from coming back and still get my Over-40 body in shape?"

"Will I ever be able to train hard in the gym again like when I was younger?"

I'm 51 years old and this journey to help my clients and patients lose fat, gain muscle, feel great and stay pain free has not just been a professional quest but a personal one. Over the years, I've had 2 hip surgeries, a shoulder surgery, a knee surgery and have discovered first-hand that what works when you are 34 doesn't work when you are 45.

More recently, leading up to my 50th birthday, I decided to go all in on a universal reboot of my body (and life) to put to the test all my best strategies, programs, and tactics for getting a 49-year-old guy (me!) back in shape. 

I called this program All Gain, No Pain as it flies in the face of the traditional no pain, no gain adage. An adage which suggests a pain-ridden, miserable, vision quest is needed to lose fat, build muscle, and live pain free. 

The All Gain, No Pain program worked so well I lost 37lbs and landed a featured spread in Men's Health Magazine (see below!). I achieved this all while taking a 2-week trip to China to lecture about sports performance and sports rehab and enjoying our annual week-long vacation to Mexico with my wife.

You're Never too Old to Be in the Best Shape of Your Life...If You Do It Right!

If you think you’re too old to regain a lean, muscular physique and stay pain-free...

If you’re not sure how to get back to gym so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of a great workout without worrying about not being able to walk without pain the next day... 

If you're over 40 and want to look better, move better, and feel better...


All Gain, No Pain shows you how to rebuild your body that was once limited by pain or injury, and how to prevent those old aches and pains from ever coming back. You’ll learn how to take control of your health and your body without endless hours in the gym.  

The All Gain, No Pain program works in two sequential parts... 

No Pain Principles

The No Pain Principles establish how to reconstruct your body to recover faster after more productive workouts and how to become immune to daily stress. You’ll sleep better, move better, and have more energy all day. 

In this section you'll learn...

Principle #1: How to self-assess exactly what your needs are You don’t need to be a physical therapist to determine how well you move. I’ve provided a few simple self-tests that will give you all the information you need in just a couple of minutes.

Principle #2: How the way you breathe acutally impacts pain free momement No need to get Zenned out. You’ll see how your breathing can limit or enhance how you move. With a few easy cues you’ll be moving and feeling better in no time. 

Principle #3: How you can reset your movement "thermostat" to stay pain free Learn the one simple daily habit that can unlock limited movement and keeping moving pain-free all day.  

Principle #4: How to use supportive nutrition to stay lean and pain-free Imagine a diet where the meals are designed to make you full and satisfied, support weight loss, AND be enjoyable. I've tapped a nationally-renowned nutrition PhD to show you the way – the way that I live every day. 

Principle #5: How to rebuild lost endurance for endless energy Don't worry...I'm not going to ask that you strap on your running shoes and hit the pavement for a seemingly endless amount of milage. Gone will be the days where you are crushed by fatigue by 3pm or "don't have the legs like you're used to.” These simple add-ons to your exercise program will cure this for good.

Principle #6: How you to self-manage stress that impacts your health and movement. If you’ve ever been told “You need to reduce your stress,” this principle is the “how” that’s been missing from that conversation. Eliminate the negative consequences of stress that impact health and steal your enjoyable lifestyle.  

All Gain Principles

The All Gain Principles teach you how to quickly build muscle without beating yourself up in the process. You’ll rebuild that lean, muscular body you can be proud of and feel better every day.

In this section you'll learn...

Principle #1: How to maintain your foundation of resilience. Once you’ve built your foundation of resilience and stress management, you’ll see how easy it is to maintain it to look better and feel better every day.  

Principle #2: How to gain the muscle you want. Not only will you look great by the pool or at the beach, but you’ll take full advantage of the health benefits your new muscle provides. And you’ll do it with minimal gym time.  

Principle #3: How to Build resistance against daily stress. Stress can be your friend or your foe. You’ll be able to make stress work for you, and actually enhance your health.  

Principle #4: How to maximize your ROI on exercise. All aspects of your workouts are important, but focus and effort can be targeted. You'll learn exactly what should you emphasize in your workouts to maximize results.

Principle #5: How to modify exercises to keep intensity high while remaining pain free. Once we hit 40, there may be exercises that don’t feel as good as they used to. You see how you can modify your favorite exercises to keep them productive and pain-free.  

Principle #6: How to measure and maintain progress. Just as you need to be aware of your starting point (No Pain Principle #1), you must monitor changes and make adjustments to continue to make progress. This principle will show you how to keep making the fastest gains possible.  

I've Made Your Comeback Plan Paint by Numbers Simple!

I understand that transforming your body at ANY age always comes down to execution. Getting it done day after day. Some books are chalk full of theories that sound good, but it in the end, you don't know exactly what to do when you get back in the gym.  

This is why I've created a members' area on my website that gives you direct access to downloadable workout sheet, videos of all the exercises used in the All Gain, No Pain program, and tutorial style coaching videos to help you execute all facets of the All Gain, No Pain program. 

The best part is that this part of members' area is totally free when you download a copy of the All Gain, No Pain book. 

You Might Be Wondering...

Is All Gain, No Pain really free? 

Yes, but only for a short time. My goal is to help 1,000,000 guys look better, feel better, and remain pain free. What better way to do that then to offer up All Gain, No Pain for free! 

How can this program be specific for me if you don't know me or my pain? 

As humans, we are all not that different in how we move, breathe, or experience pain. I’ve taken this into consideration in developing the All Gain, No Pain Program. You’ll also be able to individualize your program based on your self-assessment to help target your own unique needs.  

Can I download the book and read it later?

Of course! But you won’t want to. All Gain, No Pain offers actionable guidelines that you can start applying as soon as you get it. You can start your own transformation today. 

Do I have to read the whole book? How fast can I get started?

You can get started immediately. All Gain, No Pain is a step-by-step process that allows you to make measureable, effective changes starting with the first chapter.