About Bill

Stop wasting your time sifting through the endless volumes of fitness information on the internet.  If you want to get fit and stay pain-free, you need a filtering system to let you know what’s really important.

Welcome to your filtering system.

We can do better.  So much better I believe.

Maybe it’s because I was around long before the internet took over the world and made everyone an expert or “a world-renowned fitness trainer,” but you used to have to invest time, money, actually work with real people and be good at what you do.

From my perspective, the fitness and rehab industries are getting diluted and dumbed down in an effort the make the almighty dollar.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for effective marketing and making an honest buck, but perhaps it’s time to stop chasing the lowest common denominator.

I want to challenge you to raise your game.  To truly want you to be better tomorrow than you are today… on every level.

You’re supposed to have it easy.  You have Google.  Twenty-five years ago, I was deep in “the stacks” of Purdue University. If you’re unfamiliar, “the stacks” were the several floors below the main library where they stored every copy of every journal available to the university at that time.  That was my Google.

Perhaps that’s why I value books over websites to this day.  There’s something about holding the book or journal in my hands rather than staring at my MacBook Pro screen and contributing my self-induced myopia.  I think there’s a true advantage in the knowledge gained from the true experts who write the books compared to professional bloggers simply copycatting each other’s info in an effort to provide you with a constant stream of below average content.

We can do so much better.

Nationally Ranked Training Facility

This is the same attitude that Mike Robertson and I had when we conceived Indianapolis Fitness and Sport Training (IFAST).  We simply wanted to be the best facility anywhere.  It’s no surprise that IFAST has been recognized by Men’s Health Magazine as one of the top 10 gyms in the country… twice.  We’ve also been recognized by Women’s Health Magazine as a top gym for women.

As part of our IFAST development, we created Diagnosis Fitness, the most extensive assessment system in the industry.  A better assessment leads to better programs and greater success.

We chose to be better.  We took the time to become educated, to gain the experience, and create the atmosphere necessary to become the best.

You get the benefits of our hard labor.

Top-Selling Training Products for Pros and Joes

Assess & Correct:  Breaking Barriers to Unlock Performance

The best products solve the biggest problems.  When people talk about game changers, Assess and Correct is the real deal.  It answers the question, “What should I be doing to address my personal mobility needs?”  This not a cookie-cutter program but a systematic assessment and programming guide to determine exactly how you can correct those movement issues that are preventing your top-end performance on the field and in the gym.

Inside-out:  The Ultimate Upper Body Warm-up

Inside-out is the first collaboration between Mike Robertson and myself.  We say a problem with arm and shoulder injuries related to poor movement pattern.  Inside-out isn’t just a shoulder fix.  It’s a systematic approach to regaining normal function.

What The Pros Say…

“I’ve known Bill Hartman for several years and without a doubt he’s one of the most knowledgeable Physical Therapists around. What makes Bill stand out is his ability to not only work with patients in the rehabilitation setting but also elite level athletes who need proper strength and conditioning in order to perform at the highest level.”

Joe Dowdell (former Founder & CEO of Peak Performance in NYC) 

“Bill Hartman has been integral in helping me recover from injuries sustained from multiple car wrecks over the last several years.  Bill has also taught me how to breathe properly, and taught me how to brace properly when lifting through circumferential expansion.  This has not only been helpful to me as I return to heavy lifting, but it’s helped me keep my clients safe while getting them extremely strong.  I am very lucky to have Bill as a resource and friend.”

– Jim Laird, Owner Gym Laird, Lexington, KY

“After interning with Bill Hartman it is safe to say he was and continues to be the most influential person in my approach as a clinician and coach. His knowledge in the field is unparalleled, and is very much the result of years of experience and focused learning. Take one look at Bill’s library and you realize the man has read everything. The difference is that Bill assimilates all relevant information into a unified process. You will learn more in one day with Bill Hartman than most will learn in a lifetime.”

Zac Cupples, former NBA physical therapist and strength coach

“Over the last 3 1/2 years I’ve learned more “game-changing” information from Bill Hartman than I could have possibly imagined.  He is literally the smartest man in the fitness industry, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to learn from him on a regular basis.  The information that my partner and I have learned from Bill over the last few years has allowed us to get our clients (and ourselves) amazing results at warp speed.  If you’re not learning from Bill, you’re behind the curve, and you’re missing out big time.”

-Molly Galbraith, www.MollyGalbraith.com

“Making the 15 hr drive to Indianapolis to learn from Bill Hartman for 12 weeks is the smartest professional decision I ever made.   Clinical affiliation is an understatement; it was an educational utopia.   I am reminded on a daily basis that it is an investment that will always pay dividends and I am forever indebted to Bill for fostering my learning and professional growth.   I received an unfair advantage in having the opportunity to “pillage” his mind for 3 months.  Frankly, he is a walking encyclopedia on all things physiology.   Bill has a passion for understanding the human body and an unwavering desire to refine his craft.   If you want to improve your knowledge base and skill set as a clinician or coach from someone “in the trenches,” you have come to the right place.   You can assure what you’re reading is honest, valuable information from a perspective respectful of scientific rigor, sound physiology, and validated clinical application. He has an uncanny ability to consolidate information from all facets of human performance to produce a unified and holistic methodology.  He marries performance and rehab information seamlessly so you can apply the right principles at the right time to anyone in your care.  Do yourself a favor; listen to what he has to say, learn it, practice it, master it, and delve deeper.   I promise, you will not be let down.”

Michael Roncarati, DPT, CSCS
Director of Rehab, Atlanta Hawks

What The Clients Say…

“I started training with Bill at the beginning of 2009 at his gym, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST). From my initial assessment, to the ensuing months training with him, and watching him train others, it was apparent that he possessed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the body, movement, and performance. My story is just one of the many examples where Bill has helped others uncover and realize their potential.

I was just a beginner learning the Olympic lifts when I started at IFAST, but Bill and Mike Robertson (co-owner of IFAST) quickly convinced me to do my first weightlifting competition. The competition proved to be a positive experience and enhanced the camaraderie I felt at I-FAST, as Bill, Mike, and many of the gym’s members were competitive athletes.

I remember having a conversation with Bill shortly after my competition where he had the audacity to suggest that I could compete at a high level. At first, I brushed him off as just being nice, but Bill doesn’t say things for the sake of saying them. He assured me that he was sincere, even citing the reasons he thought I could make it. The more I thought about what he said, the more his suggestion began to seem like a real possibility.

I made up in my mind that I was going to pursue high-level competition. Training intensified, and Bill challenged and encouraged me every step of the way. He was always willing to help in the face of any injury or nagging pain. I still check back with him regularly for assessments and to keep my body functioning optimally.

With the encouragement of Bill, Mike, and my weightlifting coach (Grant “Rufus” Gardis) I took the next step and moved to Shreveport, La., to train at the USA Weightlifting Center for High Performance and Development in pursuit of competing internationally.

It’s clear that Bill is dedicated to improving his knowledge and craft so he can better help others. Bill’s commitment to always becoming better is contagious. Whether it’s athletes looking to improve their performance, or individuals trying to get rid of pain or improve their health. Or coaches or health professionals trying to enhance their understanding of the body. Bill has the know-how to help each person achieve their goals.

Aaron Cunanan
Shreveport, LA

“Before meeting Bill back in 2009, I had read somewhere that Bill is the ‘best kept secret in the fitness industry’. Four years later, I can say this: ‘In the fitness industry, Bill is THE best!’. Bill’s prowess in diagnosing and correcting imbalances, deficiencies and weaknesses is unparalleled. As a strength coach, he takes a genuine interest in the well being, and progress of all his athletes and clients. When I first got assessed by him, I couldn’t even lift up my right hand to comb by hair because of my shoulder issues, and I couldn’t get anywhere close to parallel in squat. Bill regularly performs assessments on all his clients and modifies the programming to help with any weaknesses. With his programming and correctives, my shoulder is healthy, my squat movement has greatly improved and I am now a competitive weightlifter. Not many strength coaches can take a broken down thirty year old and turn him into an Olympic style weightlifter. The best thing about Bill, in my opinion, is that he is always learning, and improving his skill. To me, he is one of the most intelligent and dedicated coaches out there. What he does for his athletes and clients is magic, pure magic.”

Tariq Qureshi
Dayton, OH

“As a competitive beach volleyball player, I sent an email to IFAST in 2009 asking for a program to increase my vertical and keep my body healthy. After a history of knee issues (patella tendinosis and a torn meniscus) and a herniated disc in my back in 2008, I needed something to keep me on the sand and allow me to continue to thrive in the gym. This lead to an assessment by Bill Hartman, which began a dramatic transformation in the way my body moves.

I think Bill ended the assessment by telling me something along the lines of “dude you have a lot of  things that we need to fix”. Bill, being the mad scientist that he is, came up with a holistic program to attack all of the issues I had and get things on the right track.

If you see the before and after pictures, the transformation is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Bill. He is a master and can take any issues and program a solution. The solution probably will take a lot of hard work on your end, but the time and energy is more than worth it. Bill’s focus on proper form, coming up with new solutions, constantly searching for new information and more productive exercises and approaches to fixing issues such as breathing, the position of your scapula, quad dominance and many other issues sets Bill apart from the rest of the field.

It has now been four years since I started working with Bill and I’ve stayed relatively healthy (the torque placed on the body from playing beach volleyball tends to create new issues for Bill to solve) and improved my performance on the sand. I spend a couple Saturdays a year driving three hours  from Chicago to Indianapolis to see Bill and it is always time well spent. In addition to putting me back together, Bill also programs my wife, my brother and a couple of my volleyball buddies. In addition to the performance and health enhancements, you also gain an immense understanding of how your body works and how it should work. If you have a chance to work with Bill it is a life changing experience and highly recommended.”

Christian Champ
Chicago, IL

I started online training with Bill approximately 7 years ago as a runner recently introduced to weight training. While I had made major improvements with my race times once I added strength training, I had chronic low back and knee pain that all sorts of interventions were not alleviating. When i finally had the opportunity to meet Bill in person, he was able to pinpoint and treat my imbalances, so I convinced him to do all my corrective and strength training programing.

“Through the years, his training has guided me through the end of my running addiction and two healthy pregnancies. While pregnant I believe my body actually got stronger rather than weaker and developed the strength I needed to avoid a c-section at the end of a complicated labor with my first child.

Two years post pregnancy and over 40, I’ve surpassed all my previous years ‘ strength milestones and continue to make new PR’s, with no nagging aches and pains, and lots of energy for my two little munchkins. I have such confidence in his training, I can just do the work and enjoy the results!”

Christine Blumer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada