Answer These Questions to Accelerate Your Progress

Your Daily Journal Entries

I find that I’m writing more and more… to myself. The more I write in my journal, the more effective I am in regard to goal completion and just plain getting things done. This is well beyond using my daily planner to stay organized There’s an element of objectivity that arises as your write to […]

My Night Time Ritual… the update

now with Decaf Neuro Coffee

Just a quickie of an update. The night time ritual may be one of the harder aspects of your lifestyle with which to be consistent. You get distracted. You’re engaged in some activity. Maybe you’re just spacing out on Netflix and lose track of time. A couple of things to remember. Set an alarm to […]

A Capacity Circuit Example

No Pain Principle #5: Rebuild Capacity

Here’s a capacity circuit that I did recently. You can set up your activities up based on time such as 30 seconds for each activity or by reps like I did on this circuit. Move casually from activity to activity as a rest period and move continuously for 20-30 minutes.

How to Avoid Temptations and Overcoming the Challenge of First-Level Consequences

Not an ALL GAIN, NO PAIN Principle but it should be

I’m currently reading Ray Dalio’s Principles in which he outlines his principles to live by in his work and life. One of his mid-level principles really struck home with me. It applies to the many decisions we all have to make in regard to our desired outcomes whether we’re on the fence about getting to […]

How to Build Your Brain to Overcome Cravings

No Pain Principle #6: Self-Manage Your Stress, Health, and Movement

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations I think that if Marcus Aurelius were alive today, he’d probably write a meditation to the effect of “Never go to the grocery store hungry.” Sunday was a bit of a fasting day where I […]

Why Good Workouts Are Better Than Great Workouts

All Gain Principle #3: Manage Intensity to Manage Stress

Dean is a lot like most of us. Work and other obligations distracted him from taking better care of himself. Aches and pains accumulated. He felt more limited physically. He felt “old.” He recognized that he was on a path that would only get worse if he didn’t do something about. So he did what […]

Why I Drink Neuro Coffee

And Why It's Even Better to Drink It in 2018

Why I drink it? It’s been over a year since I started drinking Neuro Coffee. If you don’t remember my story, here it is in a nutshell. I study aspects of how our brains work and affect our health as part of my work. I was looking for potential ways to improve my own brain […]