Have You Had Your Neuro Coffee Today?

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Neuro Coffee for its brain health effects and the fact that it’s the first coffee I’ve ever liked to drink. It seems Neuro Coffee is finally getting its just desserts (or breakfasts?) as there’s a great article in Robert Irvine Magazine. If you’d like to read the […]

Foundations: Building Resilience

Patient:  “I feel great!” [Long pause… furrowed brow] Patient:  “What do I do now?” Bill:  “Establish a foundation of resilience, and then build resistance.” Webster’s dictionary defines resilience as the ability to become strong, healthy, and more successful again after something bad happens. It also includes the ability of something to return to its original […]

Planning Success: My Morning Ritual Updates and Recommendations

As I write this it is a quiet Sunday morning. I’m nearing the end of my personal morning ritual with a solid day planned to get some things done. I’m certain that I’ll have a successful day because I know what I need to do to be successful today. I planned my Sunday yesterday. There […]

Note Cards: Naïve Experts and The Power in Asking Stupid Questions

I had the benefit of spending the entire week with my good friend Bryan Chung recently as he came to Indianapolis for a week-long IFAST “internship” and to take some continuing education that would typically be considered outside his field of expertise. The result of his visit has been a very powerful educational experience for […]

Self-Regulation Failure: Impact on Health

Through the use of daily rituals, increased planning, and execution of daily behaviors, I’ve made some pretty interesting changes in my ability to self-regulate.  My health markers have improved, my body fat has been in the single digits for about a year, and my personal productivity is at an all-time high. I thought it would […]